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Exploring the Secrets of Female Pleasure: Understanding the G-Spot

Woman holding g-spot vibrator on her thigh while laying on white sheets

In the realm of human sexuality, no term has gained more curiosity and fascination than the G-Spot. Touted as the key to profound pleasure and intense orgasms, the G-Spot remains an enigmatic topic that continues to intrigue and captivate both women and men alike. We’ll take a moment to delve into the mysterious world of […]

ISO 3533 – The New International Standard for Sex Toy Design and Safety

Two hands covered in latex gloves on a yellow background

For years, bloggers and influencers have written about the hazards of unsafe materials in sex toys. People like Lilly at have gone through extensive efforts to test, document, and prove the dangers of sex toys made from PVC, jellies, vinyl, and other creatively labelled materials. Products containing these materials are well documented to cause serious health consequences but, […]

Discreet Shipping for Sex Toys

Two unlabeled envelope packages stacked on top of each other left outside a closed door in an apartment complex

As a retailer that prides itself in our discreet shipping practices with multiple differentiating services and patents pending, we know a thing or two about the reality of discreet.   We wrote this article as an education guide to help consumers understand what to look for when making private purchases online and to understand there are differences in discreet shipping services.  Let’s start with the fact that it’s obvious that no sex toy […]

How to Choose Your First Sex Toy

Woman lying in bed smiling with her hands near her head

It’s an often-asked question as there are so many products, styles, materials, and vendors to choose from with hard-to-differentiate descriptions that most people don’t find helpful. Unfortunately, like asking the question where is the best place to go on vacation or what is the best type of food the answer isn’t straightforward and there’s no universal favorite or best place for everyone to start.  That said, with a little information about you, there is some helpful guidance that […]

What are Body-Safe Sex Toys?

Two hands held in the air with aqua blue colored latex gloves

Sex toys are largely unregulated in the United States and elsewhere. The FDA mistakenly considers them “novelty items” and, as a result, sex toys manufacturers and retailers are not required to disclose the materials their products are made with or where they are manufactured. Without this regulatory requirement, many manufacturers make their products with unsafe […]