For every package we ship, we carefully package your item(s) inside a plain box or shipping envelope without any identifying information. The return name on the shipping label says “Customer Service” and the return address is to an unidentifiable multi-use shipping center used by a variety of online retailers.


Our shipping method keeps your purchase hidden and private. All product(s) are carefully packaged inside a fake power bank box which then goes inside our Standard Discreet Package. That way, if anyone opens the shipping box, they still won’t know what’s inside.


Don’t want to get your item shipped to your home? We offer shipping to your preferred UPS Access Point including both unmanned lockers that open with a release code at convenient retail locations like CVS, Michaels and UPS Stores across the United States.

Blue cell phone battery product box inside an unlabeled brown shipping box

How Extra Discreet Packaging Works

1. Add any eligible product to your cart. Eligible products have an “Extra Discreet Packaging” category tag:

2. Add Extra Discreet Packaging to your cart before checkout.

3. We’ll pack your item(s) in a power bank box inside our Standard Discreet Packaging and ship it via the method you choose at checkout.

How Extra Discreet Shipping Works

1. Select Ship to UPS Access Point in Step 1 of checkout.

2. Enter your zip code and choose your preferred locker or retail location.

3. Pick up your order any time within 7 days of delivery.

*If your package isn’t picked up within 7 days of delivery, it is returned to us and subject to a partial refund under terms of our Return Policy. 

UPS lockers with a digital screen