What are Vulva Pumps?

Vaginal or vulva suction devices (sometimes advertised as “pussy pumps,” “breast pumps”, or “vulva pumps”) create suction around the vulva, clitoris, or other area either manually or powered by a motor. When specifically used on the vulva, these toys can increase sensitivity to the area and create the sensation of oral sex.

What can vulva pumps do?

Using a vulva pump can increase blood flow to the genital area, and as a result may increase sensitivity and arousal. This makes them a nice little addition to foreplay! Because vulva pumps help to increase blood flow and arousal, they may also increase natural lubrication, potentially minimizing any discomfort during sex. Some find that vulva pumps can visibly “plump” the area in use due to increased blood flow paired with suction, but this is not the case for all toys or all users.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of handle styles, pump intensities and cup sizes, so these devices can also stimulate other hot spots for you or your partner. Check out the Enhance Vulva & Breast Pump or the Exquisite Vulva & Breast Pump by Shots for toys with a gentle fluttering “tongue” on the inside of the cup area.

Some toy makers suggest that regularly using vulva pumps can help strengthen pelvic floor muscles and alleviate symptoms of conditions like urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse, but the effectiveness of vulva pumps for these purposes remains medically unproven. Pelvic floor exercises (see our Kegel kits and accessories), are probably your best bet for these or related issues, but consult your doctor first if you have a unique situation!

It’s important to be aware of potential risks associated with any sex toy, so note that excessively using a vulva pump could cause discomfort or bruising to sensitive areas. Listen to your body, and discontinue use if you experience pain or discomfort. 

*Individuals with certain medical conditions such as vaginal infections or pelvic pain disorders should consult a healthcare professional before pumping.

How do I use a vulva pump?

  1. Selection: There are a variety of vulva pumps available, from handheld manual pumps to electric or battery-operated styles. Choose one that suits your preferences and needs, and double check that it comes with cup sizes for the erogenous zones you want to stimulate.

  2. A Fresh Start: To reduce the risk of irritation, be sure that the vulva pump and your genital area are clean. Wash your hands and clean the pump and any attachments.

  3. Lube Up: Applying a compatible lubricant (we suggest a water-based lube) to the edges of the opening can create a better seal during suction. Avoid using silicone-based lubricants with silicone-based pumps, as they can degrade the material and reduce usability of the device.

  4. Find Your Place: Position the opening of the pump on the targeted erogenous area. (These are wonderfully versatile! Try the nipples, clitoris, labia, or vaginal opening.) Getting a snug but comfortable fit will create the best seal for suction.

  5. Power Up: Power the pump according to its instructions to start suction. It’s always best to begin with gentle suction and gradually increase intensity.

  6. Get PUMPED: As the suction builds, you may begin to feel increased sensitivity and arousal in the area you’re pumping. Experiment with different suction levels, movements, and durations to find what feels best to you or your partner! If you experience discomfort or numbness, stop and release the suction.

  7. Release Suction: When you’ve finished stimulating the erogenous zone or if you’re experiencing discomfort, release the suction by using the pump’s release valve or by gently lifting an edge of the pump to break the seal.  To prevent discomfort or injury, do not remove the pump abruptly

  8. After Use: Clean your pump according to the manufacturer’s instructions so that it’s ready for next time!  As with other intimate toys, this is an important step to prevent bacterial growth. Be sure to cleanse and moisturize your skin to prevent dryness or irritation and to remove any lubricant residue.


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