Review: The Scoop on Splash Blanket💦

We’re frequently asked about waterproof bedding, and we couldn’t resist the woman-owned, inclusive-minded Splash Blanket

Splash Blanket offers a gorgeous selection of colors, sizes, and styles of waterproof blankies and sheets that work as a soft, yet protective bedding barrier during intimate time, menstrual needs, and for a range of other personal health conditions.

They’re a newer Australian company that launched in 2021 (they ship US orders from their California warehouse), and again, they’re woman-owned!  

Do we like it? YES! We love the soft, plush feel of the original Splash Blanket, and it successfully protected our bedding. You can luxuriate – or be “active” 😉 – without worrying about visible stains or liquid leaking onto your bedding. 

Ready to try one? Truthfully, you’ll find the best selection and prices by buying directly from Splash Blanket’s US site. There are lower-quality copies out there, so be aware. Use code “HAPPYBED” for 10% off here! (affiliate code)

Let’s get into it:

Unbagging & Inspection

I unbagged and unzipped the fluffy Original Splash Blanket in size small (color black) from its little carrying case.  The OG Splash Blanket has a fluffy sherpa-type side and a soft, low pile micro-velvet side. 

I was particularly pleased to find that the blanket is QUIET. I expected some amount of rustle from the material that creates the waterproof barrier (which is recycled Thermoplastic Polyurethane/TPU), but there isn’t any detectable stiffness or sound from the stuff! 

This blankie also feels high-quality – it’s not your run-of-the-mill microfleece blanket. This is important to note, as there are detailed (helpful, not overwhelming) care instructions here to help preserve your blankie through many washes (they have a 12 month warranty). 

Sherpa side (above)

Velvety side (above)

Sizing It Up

Once unfurled, the OG Splash Blanket in size small (one of the most popular sizes) is just about 48″ square by my measurement. The description said 47″… generous actual sizing; I like it.

This blanket is snuggly enough that I kinda wished I ordered a larger size initially, but we’ve already put it to use many times, so no complaints! 😉 

The Pour Test

I always take advertised claims with a grain of salt, so I had reservations about the waterproofness of this blanket.  To test, I poured 1/4 c. of water onto the blankie with a paper towel placed underneath the pouring position. (Splash Blankets can absorb about one liter of liquid – the larger sizes can absorb more.) The water was absorbed by the top layer of material and didn’t just stay pooled on the surface. Glorious!

I was genuinely surprised by how completely waterproof it proved to be. I even pressed my hands down on the blanket to see if I could force water through it, but the paper towel underneath remained dry! 

(3 hours later, the bedding under the blanket was still totally dry!)

Final Thoughts

Beyond the bedroom, there are tons of uses for a waterproof blanket – think: kids, pets, camping… but it’s hard to find a reliable, snuggly, high-quality waterproof blanket that is both beautiful and versatile. So yeah, the Splash Blanket doesn’t just work, it feels good.

If you take the plunge and decide to grab a Splash Blanket, please be mindful of the care instructions so that yours lasts as long as possible!

And again, feel free to use code “HAPPYBED” for 10% off here. (affiliate code)💙