Arcwave was developed by a world-class team of engineers seeking to redefine the male orgasm experience. In 2020, Arcwave was acquired by the WOW Tech Group which also includes premium brands Womanizer and We-Vibe. 

Notable for their refined, discreet “tech” aesthetic, an Arcwave product doesn’t look out of place on a dresser or bedside table alongside other devices such as chargers or remotes – it fits right in! 😉

HappyBed stocks items from the small but specialized Arcwave product line.

What’s your best-selling Arcwave product? The Arcwave Ion is our most popular Arcwave item.  It was the first available male air pressure toy, and it comes in a sleek, nondescript storage and charging case.

What does the Arcwave Ion feel like? The Arcwave Ion is designed to emulate a female orgasm by targeting the sensitive Pacinian pleasure receptors in the frenulum with dynamic air pressure stimulation. On top of that, the stimulation starts and stop when the Ion senses contact with skin. Consistent with HappyBed body-safe values, the Arcwave line uses high-quality silicone for the sleeves, and the products’ designs have special considerations for easy cleaning and ventilation.

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