Tenga began in 2005 when Koichi Matsumoto, formerly a car mechanic who maintained Super Cars and Classical Cars, decided to make a career change and revolutionize the adult novelty industry.  After several years of concept work and trial and error, he launched the original 5 Tenga Cups, which sold over 1 million units in the first year. Based in Tokyo, Tenga has since become a popular lifestyle brand offering high-quality, easy to use sexual wellness items.

HappyBed stocks a curated selection of Tenga products. Our most current best seller is the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity.  The Flip Zero Gravity is a manual masturbator with an exterior case that is squeezed to control suction. It’s got denser textures compared to the original Gravity series. The masturbators in the Tenga line flip open and are easy to use and clean! Read our review of it here. The Tenga Flip Zero Gravity in White is also a popular pick, and the inner texture is softer and has a gentler feel.

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