Review of the New Tenga Flip Zero Gravity

Package contents of Tenga Flip Zero Black and Flip Zero Black Gravity

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Did the best just get better? I’ve been a long time fan of the Tenga Flip Zero since it came out so, naturally, I was excited to hear Tenga released an upgraded version of the product.  In the review below, I will compare both the White and Black versions of the Flip Zero Gravity to each other as well as to the former versions of the original Flip Zero products. 

The new Flip Zero Gravity White and Flip Zero Gravity Black

The Gravity Name

Let’s start with the name.  I’m really not sure what Gravity is supposed to indicate as the product is essentially a new and improved version of the existing Flip Zero. I would prefer they had just named it the Tenga Flip Zero 2 as other manufacturers do when they offer a design improvement. Especially considering that’s exactly what Tenga did when they improved the “Flip Zero EV” with the “Flip Zero EV Second Generation”. Most consumers don’t want to get into the nuanced details of how companies release products and clever names tend to get lost over time on which product came first – Windows XP or Windows ME anyone? Small potatoes in the grand scheme of things though so let’s move on to more important subjects.

Box Contents

Like the previous version, the new Flip Zero Gravity comes with 2 packets of their branded water-based lube, a small instruction booklet, and a reusable container to protect it.

The package contents of the Flip Zero Gravity

Sizing the Flip Zero Gravity

The length and width of the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity is exactly the same as the former model.  It’s 6.3″ long by 1.9″ wide.  Each color of the new Gravity series weighs approximately 0.7oz (20 grams) more than the same colored previous version. Although it’s difficult to measure, you can see in the below picture that the opening of the new Flip Zero Gravity is slightly narrower than the earlier Flip Zero

Opening on the Flip Zero vs Flip Zero Gravity

For the real test, I’ve tried 3 different lubed dildos in each product to see how comfortably they rest at various sizes. Keep in mind the average penis is about 5.1″ of insertable length and 1.2″ in width – approximately the size of the Fukina Adonis.

The Fukina Adonis at 5.0″ of insertable length and 1.25″ in width. The width of the Adonis was no problem for the Flip Zero Gravity Black and the tip rested just at the large ball near the end of the track. At this size, you will be able to experience the full range of textures along the length of the masturbator.

Flip Zero Black Gravity with Fukena Adonis Dildo

The Vixen Mustang at 6.5″ of insertable length and 1.6″ in width. As you can see in the picture, the Tenga handled this width and length fine but will require the holder to squeeze a little to fully wrap the penis. The length of the Mustang reached the very end of the track.

The Vixen Maverick at 7.0″ of insertable length and 1.9″ in width. I was a little surprised but with a decent amount of lube, the Maverick slipped right in although the girth caused the sides to separate a little, the product would still be very usable and enjoyable for the top fraction of 1% of penis owners at this size. The length was a little to much for the poor Flip Zero Gravity leaving the last inch of the penis untouched. My sense is that the product would wear down fairly fast at this size with regular use.

The Interior Textures

The original Flip Zero has consistently been rated the best by a wide variety of reviewers that have tried many products and I’m happy to say that the Flip Zero Gravity series has upped the ante with a few improvements in this area.

Just like the previous version, the Gravity series offers nice suction that can be achieved by squeezing the product after insertion. The suction is one of the best that can be achieved with a masturbator and is quite easy to control – no dials or holding a finger over the end.

As with other Tenga products, the color denotes the firmness of the texture with the black representing a tighter, firmer grip and the white model representing a softer grip. It’s hard to describe the difference in the softness for those that haven’t experienced either but, generally speaking, I’d recommend that most people will prefer the black one. It’s still moderately soft relative to a hand but has a more notable sensation and texture when stroking. If you know you prefer a softer feeling, or happen to be on the girthier size, the white will accommodate a larger size and provide a little more room. I have to admit, in blind testing, I could barely tell the difference between the two and believe most people will like each similarly.

Comparing the Black Flip Zero to the Black Flip Zero Gravity there are improvements to the entry point textures and the overall density of textures. The additions at the entry point accommodate shorter penises and improve the feeling of faster shorter thrusting. The overall increase in the density of textures just makes a great product better.

The differences between the White Flip Zero to the White Flip Zero Gravity are consistent with those noted above for the black one.

Cleaning the Flip Zero Gravity

In addition to the industry-leading interior textures, this is where the Flip Zeros have always shined. The unique integrated hinged opening allows the product to simply “flip” open for a quick rinse after use. I recommend quickly toweling dry if you are in a hurry or using a fan to get all the nooks and crannies out. The key is to get rid of all the moisture before sealing it back up and tucking it away. TPE is a porous material and if left with water will grow mold and mildew and become unusable in short order.


The Tenga Flip Zero Gravity series is definitely an upgrade over the previous version at the same price. At essentially the same size, weight and softness/firmness it packs more entry-level texture and a denser overall texture into the same easy to clean product. It remains the best masturbator on the market.

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