Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang


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Product Attributes

Use underwater and easy to clean
100% Platinum Silicone
The length of the insertable portion
The widest insertable part


Vixen took their popular Woody Dildo and transformed him into the VixSkin Mustang Silicone Dildo. Made out of Vixen’s exclusive VixSkin Silicone, Mustang has a solid inner core and an outer silicone layer that feels like the real deal. For those of you that want something smaller than the Bandit and longer than Tex, Mustang fits the mold.

Total length: 7″, Insertable length: 6.5″, Width: 1.6″


  • Made of the safest 100% Platinum silicone
  • Durable and luxurious, does not break down or degrade
  • Warms and retains body heat
  • Non- porous, can be cleaned with soap and water or sterilized by boiling for 3 minutes
  • Non-slip base for use with harness
  • Solid inner core for functional use
  • Handmade and designed by knowledgeable and diverse Vixen staff

Vixen Creations is small, artisan boutique brand that has been continuously improving upon their products since 1992. Today, they make some of the best dildos money can buy and are in high demand all over the world. The Mustang is their most popular size at 6.5″ of insertable length and 1.6″ of width. Like the other products in the VixSkin line, the Mustang is 100% platinum silicone, dual-density dildo with a firm inner core and a softer, squishy outer layer that gives it an incredibly life like look and feel. Keep in mind this is not the same platinum silicone found in other premium toys, Vixen uses a proprietary formula that suspends silicone lubricant between the molecules giving it a more realistic feel and greater elasticity. The shape of the Mustang has an upward curve which makes it ideal both g-spot or p-spot stimulation.

“It’s almost decadent how soft and squishy it is"..."Vixen’s Vixskin silicone is unlike anything else I’ve felt"..."The Vixskin Mustang is a dildo that is beloved by many and now you can add me to those ranks" Toy Meets Girl Reviews
“The Vixskin Mustang is a realistic dildo that changes up the script entirely"..."Whatever Vixskin does to make their silicone so special, it's absolutely marvelous." Doctor Of Climax
“the VixSkin Mustang will still give me orgasms because it’s essentially comfortable G-spot pressure. It stays in, it squishes, and it feels pretty damn real when you’re using it with a good clit vibe." Phallophile Reviews

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