Lovense Ferri


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Product Attributes

32-33 decibels. We measure the sound at the highest setting from 10 feet away
The relative power at the highest intensity setting
Use underwater and easy to clean
Power source
Silicone and ABS Plastic


Ferri is a fully programmable remote-controlled panty vibrator which can be customized to a wide range of vibration levels. The app allows you to choose a power level which matches your individual needs.

The secure magnetic cap ensures the toy stays put during use and stimulates your clitoris while you walk, sit, dance or lie down. A great choice for teasing or full-blown orgasms no matter what setting you find yourself in!

Ferri’s size allows you to be spontaneous: slip it into your purse so you can have it close in case you are in the mood for some unplanned public play! Or … slip it into your panties and use it to wake you up. It’s small enough to feel nothing when it’s OFF, but its power will always bring the big O! Not only discreet, Ferri is curved in a way that it can be used with any type of panty and will feel comfortable for teasing, public games, or heated sessions at home.

This bullet-sized vibrator rests comfortably between your clit and panties and is held firmly into place with a strong magnet. Because of its small size, it is comfortable to wear for long periods of time and is not noticeable even with a tight pair of jeans (I would stay away from yoga pants and bathing suits unless you’re open to being noticed). The vibrations are definitely on the moderate side – likely the result of its small size and near-silent operation. But the Ferri isn’t here to be a Doxy Die Cast style powerhouse… it’s here for the teasing allure of public play and extended foreplay. And in that arena, it shines. The remote control features available through the app are second to none and allow you to directly control the intensity and patterns, have it move to music, or even wake up to an alarm.
The Ferri is a fun accompaniment to dinner or drinks out or just an enjoyable way to enhance a night in watching Netflix.

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