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Womanizer Premium 2

The Womanizer Premium 2 unleashes a whole new level of luxurious pleasure on your clitoris. Using Womanizer's original Pleasure Air Technology, this toy's opening fits snuggly

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Product is fully waterproof to IPX7 standards and can be submerged in water.

Body Safe

Made with only body safe materials that can be disinfected.


Product is cordless, battery powered, and rechargeable.


We measure the volume of every product we sell at maximum intensity from 10 feet away.

50-51 dB
Vibration Intensity

Relative to other products in this category, this product vibrates at a 9 out of 10


The Womanizer Premium 2 unleashes a whole new level of luxurious pleasure on your clitoris. Using Womanizer’s original Pleasure Air Technology, this toy’s opening fits snuggly around the bud of your clitoris with two different-sized included head attachments.  In addition to its top end intensity, two technologies further differentiate this product from its less premium look-alikes: Autopilot and Smart Silence.  When enabled, the Autopilot feature will randomize changes in intensity settings during your session taking you on a unique journey from beginning to end simulating a partnered experience.  Smart Silence make the product immediately turn off when removed from contact with skin.  It’s helpful in saving battery life and ensuring a quick return to silence if you are disrupted.

Next time you’re looking to spice things up, take the Womanizer Premium 2 with you in the shower or bubble bath. There’s nothing like a few bubbles and rose petals floating on the surface of the tub, and your hand busy down below the surface. That is what we call self-care… Or, bring this into your foreplay with your partner. Have them stroke you while you use the Womanizer Premium on yourself.

Key Features:
  • Body-safe silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • 4-hour battery life
  • 14 intensity levels
  • Solo or partner play