We-Vibe Wand


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Product Attributes

47-49 decibels. We measure the sound at the highest setting from 10 feet away
The relative power at the highest intensity setting
Use underwater and easy to clean
Power source
Silicone and ABS Plastic


The most advanced (and powerful) cordless massager ever — with playful attachments, responsive technologies, and an ergonomic design that take it way beyond basics.


  • 2 attachments included for the wand (one fluttery and one for stroking) and has a universal head so all standard wand attachments can be used as well
  • Smart Silence™ turns on the wand right before making contact with your skin and turns it off automatically
  • 10 powerful, rumbly vibrations
  • Easy to hold and adjust with a flexible head to get just the right spot
  • Made with body-safe, soft touch silicone and 100% waterproof
  • Cordless and rechargeable with up to 120 minutes of play time on a single charge
  • Free We-Connect™app for long distance play, easy touch control, or to create custom vibrations

Wow! Before even trying the We-Vibe Wand for the first time, we are impressed with the look and feel of it. Unlike other wands, the large head is quite soft to the touch but firm just underneath the cushioned surface giving it a uniquely comfortable texture. It is covered in very soft silicone which makes it waterproof and easy to hold while wet or dry. We-Vibe has thoughtfully included two attachments that wrap around the head: a flutter attachment for gentle teasing of her and a penis stroker attachment for unique stimulation for him. The app We-Vibe shares across most of its products also works with this wand and allows you to control vibration intensity and patterns from the same room or across the world. Whereas Magic Wands and many others are straight, the We-Vibe Wand has a gentle curve to it and feels very natural holding it for a while. Fortunately though, you won’t need to hold it for too long because this thing packs a ton of rumbly power. In fact, we think this We-Vibe Wand provides the most powerful, rumbliest vibration of any product we tried. This toy quickly went to our top shelf and immediately became a favorite.

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