L’Acier Slide


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Product Attributes

32-33 decibels. We measure the sound at the highest setting from 10 feet away
The relative power at the highest intensity setting
Use underwater and easy to clean
Safe to use heated or cooled
Power source
Stainless Steel
The length of the insertable portion
The widest insertable part


Best in class 316 stainless steel dildo and vibrating wand from L’Acier is available here.  Stainless steel sex toys are in a category by themselves for many reasons.

1. The vibrations running down the steel buzz like a tuning fork for your body. Completely delightful and soothing when touching any part of the body.

2. The weight of the stainless steel creates a full feeling when inserted or pressed against the body.  When using internally, we recommend you use lube like Gleam for silky smooth play and manipulation.

3. Metal dildos allow you to modify the wand temperature easily and naturally by heating or cooling the product with different water temperatures.

4. Your steel vibrating wand will last a lifetime in your sex toy collection, its a luxury sex toy that is here to play for a long time.

Crafted for either anal or vaginal stimulation, includes a powerful vibrator with 10 distinct settings.  Its extra long reach and a long reach handle make it easy to use for solo masturbation.


L’Acier sex toy products have been designed with easy use in mind.  The bullet vibe which is inserted into the machined steel cavity can be pulled out and used alone — they are like two sex toys in one.  You also have two options to assist with holding and manipulating the dildo in your Slide gift set.

1. The finger holder makes it easy to control your wand vibrator with one finger slide under the hoop and atop the vibrator controls.

2. The long reach handle is perfect for supine position masturbation.  No extended and tired arms or hands, short reach allows you all the control.


For anyone who likes anal butt play or pegging, toys this will be the holy grail!  The steel dildo will allow easy and safe play with tuning fork like vibrations running down the length of the wand dildo. This product is designed for safe anal play, we recommend using one of the two provided attachments and lube when using this product.   These attachments prevent losing the item in the anal cavity.


Stainless Steel makes the best vibrating wand for solo intimate sex vaginally.  The steel dildo will send vibrations down the length of the toy rubbing on the vagina exterior around the labia and stroking the clitoris.  Warm it with water, apply lube to both the tip of the metal dildo and around the clitoris, stroking downwards if you intend to further use it for penetration.  The steel feels wonderful inside.  Use the long reach handle to easily manipulate the magic steel balls.


A luxury sex toy for your collection that is easy to care for and will last a lifetime.   The bullet vibe supplied in the L’Acier Slide bundle includes a powerful 10 setting bullet vibe that is waterproof and submersible.  A USB magnetic charger is provided in the sex box kit.

You’ll find this stainless steel vibrating sex toy is super easy to clean.  Wash the dildo, vibe and handle all with arm water and soap.  Let them dry and store them away in the luxury gift box they arrive in.

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