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Product Attributes

Use underwater and easy to clean
Safe to use heated or cooled
100% Porcelain
The length of the insertable portion
The widest insertable part


The Dalia is a unique porcelain dildo created by Désirables and was designed to help reach the G-Spot. Every piece is handcrafted with love by local potters following the Limoges’ traditions ensuring the highest possible quality.

The one of a kind design of the Dalia is what makes it such a great G-Spot massager, because the shape was created with vaginas in mind! It is easy to handle, lightweight and the matte finish of the porcelain will give you a good grip for a pleasurable orgasmic sessions in bed (or wherever you’d like). The Dalia is a dual end dildo, you can use either end to reach your G-Spot and use the rounded tip to assist you during your pelvic floor’s training and relaxation exercises.

Porcelain is a luxurious material and we chose it for its numerous qualities: 100% body safe, hypoallergenic, non-porous, thermo conductive, easy to wash and sterilize, extremely durable and very resistant in use.


  • Each box includes: Dalia, storage pouch, informative booklet and authenticity certificate
  • Vibrations and Phthalates free
  • Weight : between 130-140g
  • Length : 178 mm / 7 in
  • G-spot Stimulation
  • Help with pelvic floor’s training and relaxation exercises
  • Compatible with all types of lubricants
  • 5 years warranty

If sexy could be described by a shape, the Dalia dildo would be it. While other body-safe, non-silicone dildos on the market are usually made from cold and industrial looking stainless steel, the Dalia is uniquely made from a porcelain that is sleek, curvy, elegant and oh-so-sexy looking. Each product is handmade in Montreal and is packaged in a luxurious, silky box worthy of gifting all by itself. Opening the box truly feels like a special occasion. Once out of the box, you quickly feel how light and smooth the porcelain Dalia is and then with a touch of lube, it glides effortlessly over your body. The Dalia has a moderate curve with different sized bulbous ends – the larger of which makes it just perfect for g-spot stimulation. The porcelain is also great at holding warm or cold temperatures so we recommend having container of both warm and cold water nearby to submerse the Dalia in for added stimulation. We love this innovative product from Dalia and can see how they nominated recently for both the luxury toy of the year and luxury brand of the year from XBIZ.

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