Desirables Adori Massage Stones


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Product Attributes

Use underwater and easy to clean
Safe to use heated or cooled


The Adori are handmade porcelain massage stones designed by woman-owned business Desirables in Montreal. They were created for external massages, the different shapes aims at different muscles and are used to apply different kind of pressure.

They were created to help people give great massages at home, even if they are inexperienced. Their shape allows the pressure to be put on the stones, instead of on the hands and joints, allowing for a longer, more in-depth and pleasurable massage for both

The type of porcelain used is stoneware, which is the same type everyday plates and mugs are made of. The porcelain will allow the massage stones to be used with any type of massage oil, cream or powder and can be cleaned very easily. They can be cooled or warmed, and they will quickly become the same temperature as the hand of the person holding them. It will feel as though they are not using a massage tool at all.

Perhaps our favorite product of all time, these massage stones are elegant and perfect for setting the mood. They are presented in a beautiful box worthy of gift giving and are great when paired with the Desirables Massage Oil. Our advice is to keep a container of warm water by the bed and warm up the massage stones before and during the massage. A warm, firm massage paired is sure to melt your partner into a relaxing mood.

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